When you’re handling business operations, listening to your customers is vital. After all, they’re the ones who keep your company running. Many statistics show just how important it is to make sure no customer is unsatisfied.

customer-service-1433642_640Poor service can cause 78% of customers to give up on dealing with you altogether. Only 4% of dissatisfied customers complain. The rest will disappear seemingly out of nowhere. You’re up to 70% more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new one, so increasing customer retention is vital. Also, consider that bad experiences are often shared online, so this can tarnish your business even further.

It’s clear to see that customer dissatisfaction can impact your company for the worse. Because of this, you need to identify what makes customers unhappy and prevent it from happening in the first place. If customers later become unsatisfied, you need to resolve it with haste. Here are some of the common causes of customer dissatisfaction, and measures you can take to prevent or resolve them.


Slow Service


One of the biggest gripes customers is slow service. People want to know that when they go to your business, they’ll be able to get what they want immediately. For instance, if a customer goes to a hairdresser and waits 30 minutes before they get a haircut, they’re more likely to go to the next one down the road.


If your company has a recurring problem of slow service, you may want to reassess your staffing. Recruiting more people can help you meet customer demand efficiently. The cost of hiring new employees will be covered by the extra profit you make.


You could also consider alternative ways to make service faster. Some restaurants avoid bad service by offering buffets, where people can eat first and pay later. Most supermarkets now offer self-service checkout, allowing people to get in and out quickly. Taking contactless payment can also make service much faster.


Slow Delivery


Businesses dealing in sending out items to customers will need to ensure their delivery services are on point. Just like with service, if customers have to wait a long time for an item to be sent out, they’re unlikely to shop with you again.


One of the best ways to handle deliveries is to outtarget the job. Fulfillment companies can be a godsend when it comes to keeping customers satisfied. Most fulfillment services will store goods for you, then quickly ship them off when needed.


It’s best to offer multiple delivery options. Some customers will want to pay extra for tracking or one-day delivery. Making sure customers get their goods or services quickly and without any loss in quality will keep them happy.


Limited Payment Options


Another thing that can get on a customer’s nerves is being unable to pay the way they want to pay. Stores taking physical payments should always accept cash and credit card.

Another thing that can get on a customer’s nerves is being unable to pay the way they want to pay. Stores taking physical payments should always accept cash and credit card.


Inability To Contact


To deal with customer complaints, you must make your company easy to contact. Stores often have receptionists or friendly customer service reps to resolve any complaints quickly. You should also offer fast and efficient phone service. Customers who have to wait on hold for a long time will only become more enraged.


You can also take your customer service online. You can integrate a 24/7 web help desk on your site and hire reps to staff it. Many companies take to social media to communicate with customers. Using sites like Twitter and Facebook is an excellent way to handle customer complaints creatively. Make sure it’s easy to get in touch with you so you can resolve problems before customers defect.


Poor Accessibility


Make sure your company is accessible for all kinds of customers. Business facilities should always offer wheelchair access like ramps and elevators. Disabled parking and automatic doors also help a lot of people. You may also want to provide auxiliary services and aids.


It’s not just physical access that matters. Online access is huge for businesses. Many people now shop from their computers and portable devices, so this is especially important. Ensure that your website is optimised for all browsers, as well as smartphones and tablets. Make it easy to navigate and pay for your services. You may want a professional web designer to handle this for you.


Bad Quality Of Products Or Services


One of the most important parts of your business is offering the highest quality possible of products and services. If customers find something wrong with what they are given, you should apologise and resolve the issue with a refund or replacement.


Make it clear to customers what kind of quality they can expect from your offerings. If you fail to deliver, then you owe them. For physical products, you should describe what condition they will be in. For services, let customers know exactly what they will get for their money.


Not Valuing Customer Opinions


In order to cultivate a base of loyal customers, you will need to listen to and value their opinions. If a customer comes to your company with a complaint, put their best interests before yours. Even if you don’t think you’re in the wrong, an apology, a refund or some free gifts can go a long way.


You should also find out if anything is making your customers unhappy. A good way to do this is collecting customer feedback. The best way to do this is by sending email surveys to your customers to find out what they’re happy with and which areas you could improve. Having a feedback form on your website is also an excellent way of finding out what’s on customer’s minds.