If you are wondering how to learn Microsoft Office, you are definitely not alone. Microsoft Office is the most widely-used business software in the world, with more than 1.2 billion daily users and millions of companies using it as their office IT suite. The benefits of Microsoft Office are obvious to anyone who has experience with it.

Microsoft Office allows you to manage communications, present information, produce documents, and process data in a seamless way. By learning Microsoft Office, you will be qualified to use and navigate the IT infrastructure of the majority of the world’s biggest companies. If you are learning Microsoft Office, read this simple guide for some Microsoft Office tips that will help you achieve fluency faster.

1. Take a Microsoft Training Course

In order to learn Microsoft Office, one of the best ways to start is by getting yourself an official Microsoft Certification. Microsoft Office has an extensive number of training courses and tutorials.

Once you have completed these, you can take a 50-minute online exam with Microsoft. If you pass the exam, you will receive an official Office Certification. If you are wondering how long does it take to learn Microsoft Office, bear in mind that Microsoft recommends 150 hours of study in order to reach the level of fluency needed to pass the exam.

2. How to Learn Microsoft Office with a Diploma

If you are trying to learn Microsoft Office in order to boost your career skills and become a more attractive hire, the best bet might be to choose a higher education course that specifically offers comprehensive Office training and certification.

Take for example this office administration diploma course offered by Intercoast. Courses such as this will transform you into a qualified office administrator, providing fluent Microsoft Office skills as a basic prerequisite.

3. Take a LinkedIn Course for Free

If you just wish to get to grips with the basics of Microsoft Office and learn how to perform the essential functions of this suite, then you do not need to enroll in a long-term course. Rather, you can simply enroll in a free Microsoft Office LinkedIn course.

These courses can be completed in a couple of hours and are completely free of charge. What’s more, you will receive a badge on your LinkedIn profile upon completion, so that employers know that you are proficient in this essential software.

4. Take a YouTube Tutorial

For a super low-maintenance approach to learning Microsoft Office, you can always consult some popular YouTube tutorials. These are simple series consisting of a few videos that will walk you through the essentials of Office in a way that you can understand.

There are countless tutorial channels you can choose from, depending on your learning style. Remember, you will not get any kind of certification upon completion, so this option is best if you are trying to refresh your existing skills.

Future-Proof Your Career Today

Knowing how to learn Microsoft Office will help you future-proof your career and ensure that you have skills that are always in demand. For more tips on building a resilient set of skills, make sure to consult our Career guides for expert advice and information.