With an average of 250 resumes received for each corporate job opening — and the average length of unemployment still hovering at 37 weeks — job seekers need all the help they can get when it comes to landing a new position.


Enter OneWire – a career site for finance professionals, helps finance professionals see how they stack up against their competition to find a better job fast.

OneWire enables finance job seekers to get an inside look into how they stack up against their competition when applying to positions, track the status for their applications, and increase their visibility when applying for open roles.


In an interview with Careerbright, Eric Stutzke, the Executive Vice President of Finance & Operations at OneWire, says, “At OneWire, we’re dedicated to providing the best job search experience to finance professionals. And with an average of 250 resumes received for each corporate opening, we understand how competitive the job market is. The current job climate, combined with our continued investment in going above and beyond for finance job seekers, inspired us to create new tools that give OneWire users insight and analytics into their job search.”

Here’s how job candidates benefit from the new features:


Insight into competition:

Competition reports allow applicants to view in-depth analytics on their competition, including the total number of applicants, years of experience, along with top skills, degrees, and education.

Application status updates:

Once you apply to a job through OneWire Edge, you’re able to determine your application status — whether your application has been viewed or if you made the employer’s shortlist — so job seekers won’t be left in the dark.

Increased visibility:

Edge candidates receive the highest level of visibility across OneWire by being placed at the very top of the employer’s applicant list and having their profile highlighted when an employer runs a search.

Notification of profile views and new job opportunities:

Edge provides insight into which firms are viewing your profile, and sends instant alerts when relevant jobs are posted to enable you to apply before anyone else.

Stutzke values the competition report (above image) as the most useful feature for OneWire Edge users. “The reports provide users with an inside view to see how they stack up against other applicants based on their skills, degrees and years of experience. When preparing for an interview, these reports can provide significant value in giving you the insight into where you may have a leg up on the competition or understand which skills you may lack.”


While the focus is on finance sector jobs, OneWire plans to expand into other professional skills-sets over time. Eric Stutzke says, “While the financial services industry is certainly our core strength, we actually are set up to target every industry in the marketplace. A main differentiator is that we are focused on professionals as individuals. What I mean by that is we are focused on the skill-set of all finance candidates. This allows us to target every industry or vertical out there, but slice across them horizontally, and hone in the finance professionals within. For example, we do business with a number of hedge funds and banks, but we also work with retail companies and consumer goods organizations, helping them connect with finance talent. Finance is a transferable skill-set and, over time, we plan to expand into other professional skill-sets as well.”


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Have you used OneWire for your job search? Which features did you like the most and how has it helped you in the job search?