It’s high time we moved away from the traditional resume submission. The good news: employers and recruiting firms are listening. From enabling one-click LinkedIn profile submission for an advertised online position to creating cool multimedia online profiles, the solutions are here.

Enter a new career management platform in this arena – TALENTRAL.

The days of flat two page resumes are numbered. In today’s online and digital world, more and more recruiters and hiring managers are asking candidates to submit samples of their work.


Forward-thinking and savvy professionals at all experience levels (college students to seasoned and senior levels) also recognize the need to present their expertise and achievements in the most compelling and differentiated way. This gives rise to the need of actively managing the body of work and succinctly articulating the business value of one’s achievements.

Talentral enables professionals to capture their work experience and achievements in one central place. The platform supports all relevant media types (video, audio, images, PDF, links, etc.), so members are able to capture every detail in any digital format. Members are then able to create focused multimedia profiles (rich media resumes) that best communicate their relevance for every job opportunity.

Talentral members are able to create individual accomplishments and maintain them in their portfolio of work as they complete projects or achieve milestones. Each accomplishment is an encapsulated unit which can be used in a profile at any time. Members are encouraged to capture and update the details of their achievements on a regular basis regardless of whether they are a part of a profile or not. These individual accomplishments can then be incorporated into a tailored profile in a matter of minutes.

Every Talentral member is able to have one public profile and multiple private profiles that they can publish through managed URLs. Members have full control over the individual profile URLs and can directly share on social networking sites or completely disable a previously published URL. Talentral uses algorithms and other proprietary techniques to optimize the profiles for search engines. “We are also developing extensive analytics for members to see which parts of any given profile gets more visibility and interest than others.”

Talentral’s career management platform is an integral part of every professional’s personal branding and career management endeavor.

“It is an ideal complement to professional networking sites where professionals can only maintain high level brand messaging and professional network connectivity. We highly recommend members to maintain a uniform personal brand and strategically use each platform as they are intended for to maximize effectiveness.”


Check out some of Talentral’s Featured Profiles and click around on them to see their rich details.