Does your small business need a little something extra? If you have been turning over the same stable profits year after year, but aren’t growing as a business then something is wrong. Success is not about having a stable, solid company. Success is about always striving to improve and grow your company whenever you can do so. If you feel as though your company has hit a wall and that it is no longer improving then, you need to take action. There are plenty of ways that you can move your business in a new direction and find new ways of expanding. Many business owners settle for below par standards. They get all too comfortable in the day to day running of their business that they forget why they started the company in the first place. One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is a lust for money and success. Don’t let these two vital things slip away from you just because you have become lazy. Instead, work hard to improve your business wherever possible.

Here are seven small business ideas for to take your business to a new direction.


1. Consider A Re-Brand


It is never too early to re-brand your business. Many business owners shy away from changing and developing their business once they have set it up. A lot of people are under the impression that re-branding alienates your current client base. In fact, a re-brand can be quite thrilling but how do you really know when should you rebrand your company? People thrive on change, and your current customers will love that you are making positive steps.  Take some time to work with your staff of the re-brand. You need to capture the current zeitgeist so that you can appeal to a new-found audience. It is not about just changing the way your logo looks. It is about changing your company ideals and expanding the way you view your business. A re-brand is a dynamic way to push your company forward and expand into new areas of your market. Ensure that you do your research before making any decisions.


2. Conquer The Internet


The internet can be your best tool or your worst enemy depending on how you use it. If you don’t already, you need to invest money in getting a bespoke website that promotes your company. It is vital that you get an expert to design and develop a website for you so that you know you are getting a quality product. Once you have a website, you need to find a way to drive traffic to the site. Use social media platforms to promote your website online. You should make sure that your brand has continuity on all its online accounts. Choose a tone that suits your company style and use this tone whenever communicating with customers online. An active presence on the internet will do wonders for your company’s awareness. You can reach a whole new client base online at just the click of a button.


3. Add Extra Services To Your Business


The more services you can offer your clients, the more money your company will make. Offering your customers just one product is never going to make you a large profit. Instead, look into new services or products that you can offer your existing clients. As your customers already trust you with one service, they are likely to trust you in giving them extra services. Doing so might mean that you can make more money from your existing customers straight away. For example, if your company already offers print design services, why not branch out into web design? By offering an extra service to your clients, you can make more money.


4. Open A Second Premises


Moving into a new area of business can also mean a literal move. Opening a second premises means that you can target a whole new group of people with your product or services. Don’t hesitate in making a move to a new area, as doing so is easier than you think. The professionals, movers from Chicago, say that opening an extra business office is the easiest type of move. Often people associate moving with stress, but opening a second premises doesn’t mean that you have to worry. You only have to move some of your things, rather than the entire office. That means that you can take a gradual approach to moving. When you have a second office, you can offer much more diverse services to your customers.


5. Make Your Brand ‘Trendy’


Making your brand trendy will make it more popular with people. Think about all the brands that people believe to be trendy. You have Apple, of course, which is a cool and young brand. Other trendy brands include Facebook, Spotify and Beats headphones. These brands are popular less for the products that they supply and more for the fact that people think they are cool. Making your brand appear young and fresh is a surefire way to expand your business. Look into what is currently popular and work from there. You might need to do some market research with young consumers to find out what makes them tick. If you can make your brand appear to be young and trendy, you can win over a whole new audience.


6. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors


Who are your direct competitors? Write a list of similar companies within your market. You need to know what these companies are doing at all times if you are going to win over their clients to switch to you. Set up Google Alerts for the opposing companies, so that whenever someone publishes a story about them you are the first to know. By finding out what your competitors are doing you can decide how best to combat them. If they offer a new service for 2015, you need to aim to offer three new services for the same year.


7. Export Your Products To New Markets


If you currently only supply people in one country, it is time to expand your market. Link up with a great courier service and make your business global in an instant. The service will allow you to deliver products to people in different countries. If you have a good online presence people from new places will start to order your products. Few companies offer global delivery. If you offer that unique service, you will dominate the market.