Stuck in a job you don’t like anymore? Want a career change but don’t know how? Ready to step on a new journey to discover a satisfying career? Yes!

There are many of us everywhere who are pondering over this question now. Time-for-Change

Career change is not easy, but in the recent years technology has enabled vast distribution of knowledge for all of us to do things faster and efficiently. Using technology to empower your career change is essential in our tech savvy world.

Use these tips to accelerate your career change:

Knowledge First

The more you know, the more places you’ll go.

The more information you acquire before your next leap, the better informed you are, better are your chances of being successful in your next career move. Discovering what you really want and how you want to highlight your skill set can be the very step to finding a satisfying career.

Some tools you can use to acquire know-how on career of your choice:


There are numerous websites which offer awesome advice on career development, job search or career change. Make the most of learning from the pros and best of all it’s free. Dig through the comments and you might find many stories on how people have achieved success in finding their dream job.

Social Media

Social media is a great networking and knowledge tool and again it’s all free with a wealth of information. Identify leaders and knowledge experts in the field of your next career and follow them. You’ll learn a lot and in a very short time. LinkedIn and Twitter are two of the best Social Media tools that you must look-up during your career change phase.

Follow companies and alumni associations on LinkedIn from where you can gather information about how employees or alumni have carved their career path. Technology makes it much easier for us to have access to this valuable information which is crucial to career discovery or career change. Research and use it in the best possible ways.

Assessment Tools

You can use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator – MBTI ™ and Strong Interest Inventory (SII)™ assessments which help you identify and map the right career choice for your personality type.

You can use the different career tools and applications that can help you make the right choices about a new career. Your education and aspiration might be on different paths so investing time in career discovery will yield better results than to just jump at the first job that comes your way.


Knowledge is power only when supplemented by action.


I truly and firmly believe in this statement. You may read as much as you can find and network to your heart’s desire, but unless you commit to making a solid action plan on how you plan to take your career change forward, you’ll be where you are. Action, and well-planned action is essential.


Here are some action steps that you can take to truly empower yourself:


Create a Portfolio

It’s when you write that many ideas become clear and new ones suddenly appear. The action step is to create a portfolio – showcasing your expertise and what you can do best. Once you start writing it down the path becomes clearer. Articulating your thoughts and dream in writing often leads to the “aha” moment which you perhaps had not thought of before.

Create your blog or use other website like, LinkedIn profile to showcase what you can do and what you have done before.



Volunteer for some organizations or companies, or look for apprenticeships in areas of your interest. You will know best when you are at the job hands on, not just by researching online. Once you have a taste of what a career is like, your drive to do better at it is stronger and the chances to achieve success move toward a reality than a dream.


In order to create a more satisfying career and do a job that you’ve always dreamed of, you have to start the right way. So what are you waiting for?

May you find happiness and satisfaction in what you do!