A functional and efficient workplace doesn’t run on work ethic alone. For it to truly flourish, special attention needs to be taken to ensure there is a strong culture of respect in an organization. It’s important for modern businesses to consider that unconscious bias is a very real thing, and can massively impact vital relationships and morale amongst colleagues. Even without malicious intent, unconscious intolerance can lead to a tense and unhappy working environment, which can cause a low rate of productivity and potential legal problems.


Interactive Team Learning

Experiential diversity training using drama is an effective method of working through issues surrounding inclusion and diversity in an organisation. It allows colleagues to become aware of their own and others’ challenges and difficulties in order to become a more considerate, tolerant and inclusive team.

Drama-based learning is an interesting and engaging way to help unify and strengthen a work place, in a judgement-free environment. Working together, the organisation and employees can develop the values of a company and the next step is to support the workforce to live these values through their behaviors and actions.  This will make for a much happier and more efficient workforce, which in turn leads to a more productive business.

The interactive programs are energetic, creative and completely tailored to the needs of each specific business. Each organization is thoroughly researched before the exercises are structured and the learning objectives are established to ensure that the program is as effective and useful as it possibly can be. The workshops create an open dialogue between colleagues and employers, allowing those involved to explore potential issues such as diversity, bullying and harassment, and workplace ethics. The exercises allow a free flow of conversation and intelligent debate about philosophies and theories relating to effective working practices, encouraging a comfortable atmosphere of mutual respect.

Drama-based learning is a fun and innovative method of addressing some of the more serious and sensitive topics that can arise within a work place, and prevent such conflicts from developing into a wider and more troublesome issues. The technique also helps colleagues form stronger bonds with one another and establish trust, which will lead to a more co-operative and effective operation.


With many people not happy at their current job, it is important to incorporate engaging, entertaining training programs, there’s benefit to both the company and employees in doing so.