“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ~ Malcolm X

Education is very important in the present job market or for the skills required for the future. For better career options, a stronger likelihood of getting hired and a higher salary, amongst other benefits, consider getting a college degree. No matter what people say on how drop outs have gone ahead to become millionaires and form amazing companies, those are only a handful. Education and most importantly knowledge is priceless.

A formal education offers you a chance to know, to research and hone on the expertise on a subject or field that gets you ready for the future, makes you a strong contender in the job search and most importantly equips you with the confidence of doing a job well.

Here are some more reasons why a higher education is just so beneficial today:




You will, without a doubt, have more choices for a career if you get a higher education. Joining the workforce straight out of high school gives you a lot of years to be heading to the office so why not study for a bit longer and give yourself more job options in the long run.


Attending a liberal arts university, for example, will provide you with plenty of options for what to study and later, for what sector to work in. To elaborate, a major in communications will provide countless career choices, with anything from business to advertising to education to journalism and beyond. A more specialized degree – a law degree, for example, can also provide more options than you might initially think. Lawyers can find jobs in finance, politics and teaching, for example.




The job market of today is highly competitive so you need to do anything you can to get an edge over your competition. If two candidates apply for a job and one has a college degree and the other does not, more times than not, the job will go to the graduate.


You don’t have to go to the most expensive, top university in the worldin order to get a job later; simply choose a college that has courses that interest you and that you can afford. With thousands of colleges and universities in the United States alone, there’s certainly one that’s right for you.




Attending a college or university is not just about going to class, passing your exams and getting your degree. You’ll also have the opportunity to get to know your professors, advisors and peers, all of whom could be valuable contacts when it comes to finding a job.


Take the time to get to know as many people as you can on campus – who knows, they could be the link you need to finding your dream job after graduation.


At the very least, these highly educated people can help you perfect your resume and provide a sound reference. Because there’s such a competitive job market at the moment, you want to make sure potential employers can’t find any reason not to hire you. So, ask your professors and peers to take a look at your resume and welcome any advice they have.




Money talks and the statistics don’t lie – people with a higher education make, in general, more money than those who do not. On average, those who graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree make $21,000 more each year than those who just have a high school education. Even if you have to take out loans to get yourself through a 4-year degree, you’ll still be better off financially in the long run.




Finally, don’t underestimate the value of gaining confidence from achieving something great. Graduating with a university or college degree is a wonderful accomplishment and something that will give you confidence throughout your career and life outside of work. You’ve proven to yourself that you can work hard and meet your goals – a valuable life lesson.


So, consider furthering your education and the benefits to your career – and life – will soon become apparent.


Here’s an infographic showing How Important will Higher Education be for Finding Jobs in 2020?:

Geortown Ctr on Ed InfoGraphic 07.13