hiring-best-candidatePerforming a background check is a crucial safety net for your company. This serves two purposes: first, you ensure that a potential employee is truthful during the interview. Second, it also protects your company’s assets and employees or any legal issues that might result from someone with a previous felony or criminal record. This is why the services of private investigators are sometimes needed to do this. After all, employees are your company’s more important retarget. And getting help with checking their backgrounds can at least guarantee that applicants end up working well with others in the office.

Some of the information that companies check can include your employment history, your educational credentials, or your credit history. Regardless of the requirements, there are common reasons why each company needs to do a complete background check before hiring an applicant. Let’s take a look at three important ones.


1. You confirm their credentials

It’s easy to claim something during an interview. You can say you’ve handled several projects relevant to the position you’re applying for, but you need something to prove it. Getting in touch with the applicant’s previous employers or partners can give you the evidence to prove or disprove their statements. That way, you can be sure that you’re hiring the right person for the job.

Educational backgrounds, previous employment histories, and accomplishments are the three things to note when checking credentials. Researching the applicant’s past projects and how they handled them is also a good place to look if you want to gauge their performance.


2. It lets you verify their references

Previous bosses, fellow employees, and the HR person that interviewed them are the ones to call. Whether it’s a rank-and-file employee or a new manager, you need to check three things: How they handle daily job pressures, how they work with colleagues, and how they coordinate with superiors.

Talking to the people they give as references will allow you to see how well they did previously. It also gives you a picture on how your applicant works with different types of people. Why? Personalities and attitudes can and will clash at work. Some people may be prone to stating their opinions strongly, while others tend to be quieter in the office. That way, you can verify if the person’s attitude is a fit for the company’s culture.


3. A safeguard to company assets and employees

Security is always a concern with hiring new people. After all, employers need to ensure the safety of their employees, customers and assets. As per the OSHA rules, doing a background check helps minimize workplace conflicts. It also helps safeguard your company’s assets, especially if you’re in a business that handles a considerable amount of money. Fund managers, retailers and insurance providers are likely targets for theft and security breaches. It’s why employers will sometimes ask if applicants have had previous criminal cases before, to be sure that they’re hiring someone they can trust.

If you want to take your business security and employee safety seriously, it’s best to be thorough with your background checks. Not only does it ensure the safety of the people working for you, it also guarantees that the person you hire is someone your company can rely on.