“The challenge of life, I have found, is to build a resume that doesn’t simply tell a story about what you want to be, but it’s a story about who you want to be.”

Oprah Winfrey


resumeThis is a guest post by Sophia Anderson.

Everyone has been faced with the writing challenge of all challenges, at least once in their life – writing a top-class resume. It can seem simple while you’re still a student, but the fact is, writing a professional resume takes some research, and the help of tools, as well as professionals to get it right. We have set here a list of tools that will enable you to write the best resume possible.


  1. DoYouBuzz

If you don’t want a plain resume on your hands, but one that’s equally well-designed as it is written, DoYouBuzz is an online tool that enables you to add some color to your plain, white CV.


  1. CV Maker

If you want CV making to be an easy, fill in the blanks kind of task, CV Maker gives you an easy template with pre-done sections that you have to edit with your personal information. If you want to play around with the arrangement, you can move sections around to fit your personal style and order.


  1. JobSpice

JobSpice is an online resume generator that not only lets you edit your font, templates and rearrange the categories to make the picture-perfect resume, but you can also export your LinkedIn information to fit your resume. If you already have a LinkedIn profile with all your references and job titles, you’re going to find JobSpice really helpful.


  1. Essays On Time

If you are having trouble with proofreading and editing your resume, so that you’re sure it’s ultimately unique and precise, you can ask for help from professionals who will help you create a spotless resume. Not only can you ask them to write on for you, but also proofread or edit your already written resume so that it is up to the highest standards possible.


  1. Visual CV

A powerful CV maker while also an easy to use one. With its help, you can create not just professional resumes, but also personal online portfolios and landing pages. It enables you to experiment with designs and create custom versions of your resume in English, French, German, Russian and some other languages. As soon as your CV is ready, you can track its success with Visual CV analytics to make sure it is viewed and downloaded by a potential employer.


  1. How To Write A Resume.NET

This resume builder is a little bit different from others, in the sense that it requires you to make a free account before you actually start writing your resume. It offers several templates you can choose from, and edit each of the categories with your own information. An additional benefit is being able to save your resume as a draft, and continue working on it later on during the day when you have more time. After you’ve finished you can download it on your computer and print it out.


  1. Resunate

Resunate is a resume tool that enables you to upload your already existing resume and use the content from it to create a new, fresh and ultimately better one on their website. You’ll be asked to make an account, and there’s a choice between paid and free account, but the free one does an equally great job. You can import your old CV or start from scratch, or even import your data from LinkedIn, so you avoid all the heavy writing.


  1. Easel.ly

There’s actually no better way to stand out with your resume from the rest of the candidates, then by a resume that’s interesting, authentic and escapes the norm. Easel.ly is a fantastic tool that enables you to put your ideas and qualifications into a visual heaven you will call your resume. You are able to create a resume in the form of an infographic, arrange, drag and drop your elements, and choose from a large variety of templates, fonts and other settings.


  1. Kickresume

If you’re in a hurry and you need a resume fast, plus you don’t want to bother too much about it, take Kickresume on board. Choose a design and template and your CV can be done within ten minutes, checked, edited and ready to be printed so you can get that dream job today!


  1. ConnectCV

If you want to be able to access your CV at all times, via your computer or your mobile, you can use this tool to do so. That way you’ll always be ready to edit your CV, even if you’re on the go, and along the way get helpful tips and tricks on how to actually create it using their resume builder.


Do you have your own retarget for creating resumes, and if so, what are they? Have you ever tried any of the above tools, and how have they worked for you? Share with us your experiences.


About the guest post author:

Sophia Anderson is an associate educator and freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on writing, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes that learning something new every day is a must. Her inspiration comes from reading books and online blog posts that cover a wide range of her interests. Get in touch with Sophia at Facebook or LinkedIn.