bestThis article talks about 5 best websites today that the job seekers must bookmark.
The major job board websites do offer great advice, but it is not only the job boards which directly help the job seekers, but those websites and blogs which help you towards a better understanding of the present job market and how to retrain for a new 21st century workplace that will be mentioned here.

The Wall Street Journal – Careers

This valuable website offers frequently updated news and trends on the job market. Which companies are hiring or why not; visit often to see statistics and

Job search tips for example: job search after a long hiatus, getting rehired in a tightening job market are just what those in layoff are looking for.

This website also includes a job search section, where you can search for jobs in your area.

I would rate this website a full 5 star! Career Services

This website has undergone some major improvements over the years and the career services center is one of the best online. It offers easy navigation and good info on resume; jobs search tips, higher education possibilities and even relocation. Some of the tips on interview preparations and

The only drawback is it at times takes you to third party websites (in collaboration with monster) where you have to create a login or sign in for their services etc.

I would rate this website  4 stars out of 5.

Extensive retargets for a job seeker which includes, resume tips, are on this website. There is a lot of information here and hundreds of links back and forth which makes it a thorough knowledge website but also presents the danger of easily going off tangent on what you initially started researching at and where you landed after 5 minutes on an article!

But nonetheless, on this website you can fine great tips and tools for a job seeker.

I would rank it 4 stars out of 5.

And since it is not only advice and news that empowers a job seeker, it is important to know about unemployment benefits and job retraining opportunities. In this area two other websites which are worth mentioning here are:

The description on the website says: “The President recently announced that unemployed workers receiving unemployment benefits may qualify for a special hand in paying for education and training. And aid can be significant: In particular, the Federal Pell Grant program can provide up to $5,350 for educational costs at community colleges, colleges and universities, and many trade and technical schools. This is only one example of several federal student aid programs available to assist unemployed workers.”

If you are looking to retrain for a new skill-set or just to hone your present ones, this website can guide you through a series of simple steps to know where and whom to contact for training, financial aid and guidance. Though it is a good start the information is very sparse and over time we should see more references and job search retargets. This website can be helpful since it is government based and can be made much better by adding “Ask an expert” section which would encourage interactive sessions with readers and will also make this website alive. Also the readers should be able to post comments and questions here.

Use this website to:

  • Student financial assistance retargets. Find out about financial aid possibilities and government grants for example the Federal Pell Grant Program
  • This website links to the Department of Labor webpages which essentially help you find the answer to exactly what you could be looking for rather than groping around the online information overload.

(Note: this information is US specific, if you are from another country try exploring similar websites which your government might have launched for job training and job search help).

I would rate this website 3 stars out of 5.

It still needs a lot of information but it is a good start; sometimes when finding the way out the simpler the path the better it is; it is easy to get tangled in the “web”.

This website is a project of the California Workforce Association, the site that’s helping Californians get back to work.
This website talks in good details on:

  • Tips for filing for unemployment
  • Finding a new job – jobs boards to apply at and networking tips

I would rate this website  2 stars out of 5.

It is yet again a simpler version of “retargets that help you get back to work” and would suit those who are not that web savvy and would like to get some simple answers and pointers to where to contact for training and also knowing about California Training Benefits (CTB). With CTB, you can train for a new job without losing your unemployment benefits. You can devote yourself to training full time for up to a year, and don’t have to look for work.

Note: as with the above website, this website is also region specific and might not be best suited for non-California readers.


Do you know of other awesome websites which could be helpful to a job seeker?

Also while you are the website reasearch it is also time to get started on your interview preparation, check out this ultimate guide to interview answers – it’s best to be proactive!