1. achieve your goalsBuild a Support System
    Being in a job search for long can be a mentally draining and physically taxing, seek support in friends, family or professional help and support with career coaches or counselors.
  2. Volunteer – Do Something you Like/Love
    If the job search is taking long or you anticipate many months before you land another job offer either because of starting a new career or because of fewer jobs during recession, take on a part-time volunteer work in areas which you are passionate about or plan to take on as a career later on. Even this experience must be added to your resume for the present job search.
  3. Be Inspired, Remain Motivated
    Read inspirational books and listen to motivating speeches or words of wisdom of the leaders and movers and shakers of the world. Sometimes even a few words of inspiration can inject enthusiasm and motivate us to effective action.
  4. Define Goals – Be Practical
    Being optimistic does not mean sending out 100 resumes online and waiting optimistically to get an interview call. Be practical and set practical and SMART goals for yourself.
    For the mind to remain motivated the body should be in tandem. Practice meditation and relaxation techniques when feeling flustered or lost in the job search process. Exercise, go out in the fresh air and walk, do something different now and then else the routine can get you down.
  5. meet and networkMeet Friends – Network
    DO NOT shut yourself off to social outings and gatherings. Agreed that you are not in the best of your mental elation these days, but shying away from friends either from the fear of sympathy or other emotions will only distance you from a very important aspect of the job search process – networking. Meet friends, neighbors, family in gatherings or on usual social visits. You never know when a job lead might come your way. But most importantly not for networking it is very important to have a close network of individuals with whom you can just chat and share your apprehensions or just to get the tension out of your head.
  6. Practice Positive Affirmations
    Often the most off-putting emotions or negativism comes from within. Do not focus on your past failures or regrets. Practice optimism – write self-affirming statements that present a visualization of a successful you. What have you done in past that was praised and something that you are truly proud of? When was the last time you felt really happy? What things in your life at present make you smile? Envision yourself successful and happy and imagine yourself walking towards your goals. “Make the most of every failure. Fall forward.” Read some more tips at: Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life with Positive Self Talk.

Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities – always see them, for they’re always there.
~Norman Vincent Peale