Maybe to beat recession we must use less of the “r” word in the media these days. The newspapers are depressing, the news online on tech and business is overflowing with the news on layoffs and recession. I know that they are reporting what is actually happening around and running away from the truth does not turn things around, but could things be made slightly better if we read some positive news and stories daily?

Today in the Business section of the newspaper, there is a positive news on the Gaming Industry (Gaming industry sees record year – people are still looking for ways to have fun), my husband was quite inspired and immediately remarked – should we buy a Wii now?
I smiled; had the news been towards negative aspect- “gaming industry hit hard by recession”, I am sure his comments would not have been the same.
Yesterday, I was outside enjoying the gorgeous sunny day – another golden sunshiny day in California, and happened to greet the PG&E guy who checks on the meter. “How’s PG&E doing?” I asked the guy (instead of a polite how are you, I was not surprised to hear myself greeting him thus – the “r” word being always on the mind).
“Oh well, just OK, maybe like everyone else.” He said. But what he said next set me thinking and the reason for today’s short post.
“At least there was some good news, all the passengers on the US Airways flight survived. It started my day off well.”
What do you say? Do you think to beat the downturn we must read and do things that are more motivating? Could it turn the tide?