Applying for a job can be a more difficult task than many of us give it credit for. There’s a lot of work that goes into crafting a perfect application, especially if you are new to the modern job market as a whole.

There might be a bit of a learning curve to putting together a representation of yourself as a fantastic new hire. For example, you might not know: how is a cover letter different from a resume?

Understanding these two key components of an application can be essential if you hope to land the job of your dreams. Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

How Is a Cover Letter Different From a Resume?

You can think of your resume and cover letter as kind of the peanut butter and jelly of your job application. They are two important ingredients that are intended to complicate one another and create the whole meal, so to speak.

A resume and a cover letter have different forms and similar but different functions.

Your resume is intended to give a general summary of your work experience to date. Your cover letter is also supposed to cover your work experience but has a greater focus on how that experience relates to the job at hand.

A resume often takes the form of an itemized list, featuring your education, jobs you’ve held, and your skills and certifications. It’s a very formal, almost removed look at yourself as a client. Often they are written in the third person.

On the other hand, a cover letter is a chance to get a little more personal. It takes the form, as you could guess, of a written letter and is in the first person. It gives the applicant a chance to make a case for why their background has positioned them to be the perfect person for this job.

A resume keeps things as brief as possible while a cover letter allows one to elaborate on points that might be pertinent to the position.

Creating a Solid Application

How can you ensure that your resume and cover letter will allow you to put your best foot forward with a hiring manager? Practice makes perfect.

You should do a good amount of research prior to putting your resume and cover letter together. Get a sense of the company culture, see what kind of work they’ve done in the past, and really comb through the job listing.

How can you best position your past to meet the kind of person they seem to be looking to hire? This is the mental state you need to be in when you sit down to create these materials.

If you’re having trouble with the task, you can always look into the best online resume writing service to see if they can assist you with the creation of your application.

Understanding Resume vs. Cover Letter

How is a cover letter different from a resume? It’s a question you’ll need to know the answer to in and out if you want to craft a strong application. The above information can help.

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