Some important tips:

1. Know how to pronounce your interviewers’ name – when in doubt pls ask if you are doing so correctly.

2. No sweaty or freezing hands – calm your nerves before the first handshake/greeting.

3. Go for a firm and short handshake, don’t offer a pansy or a shark grip.

4. Maintain distance; reaching out at arms length or half way through.

Know the Names

The first and most important point – Know beforehand who you are interviewing with.
How: Email or call the HR or recruiting manager to know who all you’d be interviewing. Email is better since you can have the correct spellings of all those you would be meeting for the interview. This might be very helpful if you are supposed to be in multiple or group interviews through the day.

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier at the meeting place (not the parking lot – I really mean at the interview venue, in the lobby or outside the room where you are to be interviewed) than the scheduled time, giving yourself time to adjust to the surroundings and calm your nerves.


helloThe First Words

Depending on the country culture, level of formality, you’d know whether to address the interviewer by first name or make it formal by using Ms  / Dr / Mr prefix to their surnames. When in doubt go the formal way.

With a polite smile and short firm handshake say, ” Hello, Ms Smith. It’s great to meet you. I’m Chris Porter.”
Formula for perfect handshake

Now what?

Before the interview begins, your interviewer might ask you if you want something to drink or any questions you have. Be prepared for the answers, arriving earlier to the venue will give that chance to feel comfortable.

Let the interviewer lead you to the interview room and he/she may suggest a place to sit. Do not sit before they do, there might be an assigned seat for the interviewee. Settle in by adjusting your belongings around your seat. You might find these tips helpful now:


Now, onward to the next steps where you are asked to introduce yourself – to the group or to a single interviewer, some good tips here on this video:


What other tips would you share to this topic? Pls add in comments below..