If you are multilingual then you can consider yourself to be in an advantageous position. I know this because I speak the Dutch, German and English language fluently and I believe that this has helped me with my job search significantly. I used these three languages as my unique selling point and am convinced that you should do this as well, if you aren’t doing it yet. Here are a few tactics that can help you find your dream job, using your multilingualism as a differentiating factor.


Please note that this post is mostly relating to job seekers that are looking for marketing jobs.


Prove it!

It is really important that you include your language proficiencies on your CV and most us you have done this already. What many job seekers forget is that it seems a lot more credible when you have an actual certificate in the language you speak. When I went on a job interview I was being tested afterwards because the lady who interviewed me was German, and asked me ad hoc in German “So we can speak in German now as well”? I was able to respond quickly, but it did come sudden and it was clearly a test. In order to avoid these uncomfortable situations, I would highly recommend you to consider English exams because it simply creates more credibility.


Show it!

You need to show your language abilities everywhere on the internet, because after all, it is all about promoting yourself and your online brand. This means that you not only have to include it on your LinkedIn profile, but also on your Twitter and Facebook account. For Twitter it is especially important because through this, you will create more followers as you are tweeting in several languages. This will, in turn, give a good impression and shows that you are putting an effort into your social media usage.


Besides this, it would also be recommendable to start a blog in the different languages you speak. Not only will it get your name out there which again, is positive for your reputation as a job seeker, but you can also enhance your en maintain your level of proficiency in that particular language.


Say it!

Video blogging has become very popular and I therefore would strongly suggest you to start this if you are thinking of setting up a blog. I mentioned earlier that you need prove of your language abilities, making videos would obviously be the ultimate prove. It has also been said that by the use of video’s you attract more visitors to your blog, which in turn would increase your popularity and makes you an attractive candidate from a recruiters perspective.




The last point that I would like to share with you, and I believe this could significantly help you, is guest blogging. Guest blogging allows you to really get your name out there but most importantly, it allows you to expand your network. I would start looking for sites, preferably company sites that allow guest posts, and create a relationship with them. This will naturally increase the number of connections you have on your LinkedIn account and if you amend your settings to allow the public to see your connections, recruiters can view your connections too. If you have an established network behind you, i.e. someone with over 200 connections, you would be more attractive as opposed to having less than 100 connections.


I hope that these tips have been helpful for those who are seeking marketing jobs and speak more than one language.



About the Guest Author:

Susanna Cha is a recent MSc International student and is writing on behalf of Pearson PTE English test, English exams and Tier 4 student visas.