New grads are facing one of the toughest time after graduation finding the right job. There are more fresh graduates and fewer jobs in market – and with more experienced workforce ready to take on the entry-level jobs, the competition has never been tougher.

77% of job seekers are using mobile job apps ~ @payscale

Since most of you are already well connected – online – searching for the right advice can be a huge time-consuming process. To use your time optimally it is to your advantage to know which job search websites offer the best job search assistance. Here’s a list which genuinely takes you step by step from the prep and launch of your job search to the ‘high-fives’ and ‘now-what’ stage:


Step 1: Job Search Preparation – Includes Resume Writing, Cover Letter Tips – is a well known job board but over the years it has done a great job in adding valuable job search tips/articles which help new grads to retirees re-entering the workforce. Use this website to write/re-write your resume, look up some cool cover letter samples and other job search relevant tips specifically for the new grads.


Though there are resume-writing apps, but it would be best to prepare a custom resume and cover letter for every job you apply (hard when you think about it but better results for sure).


Step 2: Research Companies and People to add to your Network


LinkedIn – If you are not on LinkedIn then it’s the right time to be on it. Employers and recruiters today are scanning the LinkedIn profiles even more than before short-listing the candidate list. You can also use LinkedIn to prepare your resume, find recent and relevant job openings, and of course network with ease.


Lindsey Pollak Blog – Being on LinkedIn would not mean much if you don’t know how to present yourself as the most suitable candidate. Can your profile attract CEOs, recruiters or hiring managers? Lindsey Pollak’s blog offers loads of valuable info on how to manage your LinkedIn profile. As Lindsey says: “LinkedIn doesn’t work unless you work it.” Lindsey is a career & workplace Expert, a LinkedIn spokesperson and offers regular advice to the new grads on her blog.


Step 3: Get the Essential Valuable Job Search Advice Jobs and Career App – Access valuable career articles and videos for advice related to your job interests from this app for iPhone/iPad. Loaded with informative tips and a built in GPS to find jobs near you! Very helpful app which you must browse through in your spare time.


Step 4: Find Relevant Jobs and Apply Online


SimplyHired – You can go to 10 different job boards or just go to one and get the aggregate job openings data at one place. SimplyHired’s alerts will get the freshest jobs online in your inbox in a matter of an hour of less these being advertised online. Getting out there first matters and that’s what they are simply good at.


Step 5: Interview Preparation and After – Hundreds of websites on interview preparation are out there, but with thousands and more pages of info on just interview, it’s hard to beat Alison Doyle has been helping many job seekers for years now and some advice which is relevant for any job seeker in any generation is as much valid for a new grad. The only downside is that you the hundreds of links on one page itself – it’s easy to get lost – or spend hours just soaking in the valuable advice. Worth every minute of your time if you want to be a pro at your next interview. There’s this one webpage – Interviewquest – which is a treasure chest for interview preparation.


Interview App for iPhone / Interviews by Monster Worldwide offers this app to ace any job interview. You can use this app to prepare, access expert advice, and follow-up with a complete post-interview guide.


Step 6: Post Job Offer Negotiations


Texas A&M Univ Career Services – Though you’ll find many websites which offer salary negotiation steps and tips, but this website offers some very apt advice for the recent grads; you’ll find various links on this webpage which guide you appropriately on what to do before and after the job offer. – This is one other website with awesome information on negotiation tips, the topic demands more in-depth research and practice too – not an easy topic so the best is to take-in such informative tips from such valuable retargets.



Some other cool job search apps that are engaging and helpful in your job search:

  • BeKnown – Professional networking app on Facebook
  • BranchOut – Professional networking on Facebook, browse jobs and internships
  • BraveNewTalent – Develop your talent, skills, follow your future employer and more.


Question: What other websites or apps have worked for you?