First thing you must know when writing your resume – It is alright if you have a conspicuous employment gap in your resume.

Your resume must focus on how best you would serve the requirements for the job you aspire for. Your resume should talk about what abilities and skills you have to fill in for the lack of experience on your resume.
A well written is resume is a forward-looking resume. A resume that tells the hiring managers or the recruiters what you shall be able to do for them. Even if you have no experience to show what you have done in your past – as an example of work experience, try to weave in your experience form day-to-day life to showcase your abilities.

Answer this question: Why should they hire you?

When you know how to market yourself and how to present yourself in the best light, the person on the other side of the table will know as well. But first – you must know how to most effectively present your skills and abilities to others.

Make your resume precise, no beating round the bush or adding those non-relevant experiences which have no connection to the position you are applying for. No one is looking for loads and loads of experience or words on your resume, they want to see how best you would fit in the company and the job requirements. A to-the-point resume even though it is half a page long is better than 3-4 pages of irrelevant information.

Go hi-tech, go with the trends. Since you have to make an extra effort to shine above the rest of the competition, try out the video resumes, podcasts and having your own website to showcase your skills.

Also don’t feel shy to send your resume draft to friends you know are in similar industry, they would be glad to critique or provide constructive feedback on your resume if you ask them to. Seek professional help and advice; you can only gain from advice from mentors and experts.

Note: the emphasis is on showcasing your abilities and skills not your experience.

 What other questions do you have as you think about rewriting your resume after an employment history gap?