Is Your Career Stuck in Neutral?

Do you feel like your career goals are slipping away from you? If so, there’s good news. Just about anyone can re-tool and push the reset button on their life’s trajectory. Those who opt for this kind of solution tend to be those who are unafraid of taking on new challenges and facing the fact that something is lacking in their current situation.

Maybe you feel as though it’s finally time to finish college, start a consulting firm, go to chef’s school, or tack an MBA degree onto your credentials. As saying goes, whatever it takes is what it’ll take. The point is that you need to first consider the options before deciding on what it takes to get your career plans back on track. Here are some key points to keep in mind as you do so.

Finish College or Skill-up

For many people, going back to school and finishing a four-year degree in liberal arts or a more specific subject area is all they need. In today’s highly competitive business environment, a college degree take your career to the next level. That’s why it’s especially important to finish a degree if you’ve already invested two or more years toward the effort. However, with that said, a college degree is not the magic wand to a new job or a new career. These days having the right skills can impress a potential employer more than having two degrees on your resume.

Take Care of the Expense Question

No matter the route you choose for getting out of neutral with your career, you’ll need to pay for improving yourself through education, getting a professional license, or taking specific coursework. One of the quickest ways to do that is to apply for a loan from a private lender. Not only can you do the whole thing online, but it only takes a few minutes to search among dozens of potential lenders and compare rates, terms, and conditions. With the money matters in control, you’ll have the mental freedom to plan your next career move.

Get a Vocational License

There are several vocational certificates and licenses you can aim for. Some take just semester of class time while others take up to two years or more. Among the best paying opportunities that require licenses or certificates are massage therapy, welding, computer coding, addiction counseling, life coaching, cosmetology, and culinary science (cooking school).

Start a Consulting Firm

If you already have several years of work experience behind you and don’t feel the need to return to school, consider putting out a consulting shingle. Even a couple of years in fields like IT, accounting, finance, marketing, management, or lab work can serve as the ideal background for a one-person consulting practice. People are always willing to pay for knowledge they can use. And, if you have any of that know-how, don’t let it go to waste.

Get an Advanced Degree

Obtaining an advanced degree like an MBA can be tricky while you’re still working. However, there are plenty of online business degree programs for master’s candidates that can fit into a full-time work schedule. Most take about two years if you’re willing to put in between 10 and 15 hours per week of study and class time combined. Plus, several law schools are getting into the part-time game too, offering working adults the chance to earn a law degree in about four years of coursework. There are certain job descriptions that require an advanced degree and to step-up in your career it is always good to the right skills you need to lead and create.