With this question the interviewer wants to assess the candidate on his/her ability to visualize a practical workplace and to see how insightful the candidate can be depending on the responsibilities at stake.

Usually such questions could be helpful in assessing an entry level candidate or a senior level position. Let’s see how you can answer this question if you are at an interview applying for either of such positions. (These are also wonderful guidelines to KNOW what to do in your first week and month at a new job!)

What would you do in the First Week or Month of your New Job?

Entry Level Candidate:

Since I’ve never been held such a position before, it is my mission to understand the job and be successful at it. At my first week of work I plan to have a detailed meeting with my immediate boss to thoroughly understand the job requirements and expectations, it would be great if I am updated on the first day but of course is at my manager’s discretion. It is also important for me to know the team I’m working with and I would love to introduce myself to all and know them as well.

Also it is important to know the company culture so I know what the accepted and preferred channels of communication and other employee protocols are. I’m sure I’ll get some good orientation info from the HR and plan to understand these before I jump in actual work.

As far as the first month is concerned I would love to shadow some of my senior team members for a few hours each week to understand how the team dynamics works and complexity of the project. I believe in observing before doing and that’s perhaps a diligent approach to do things right the first time!


Now if this was your answer to the recruiters’ question, no doubt you’ve just impressed her/him. The interviewer observes you on your practical view of the first week/month at the job and your maturity comes across in such an answer. And I hope you mean what you say and say what you mean – and most importantly do what you say too!


What would you do in the First Week or Month of your New Job?

Senior Level Position:

As I understand from the job description and our brief talk about the position, I see that I am replacing John Doe and one of the first tasks I plan for myself is to go through the hand over notes thoroughly to understand the recent past and current projects underway.

I also plan to call on a meeting with the team and other supervisors within the first three days of joining this position to introduce myself and to get to know my co-workers. Efficient teamwork is a priority to me and getting to know how the team works best is essential for a productive environment.

I am aware that we need to get on fast track on the current project so understanding the deadlines and deliverables again is a priority item for the first week and month in this position.


The answer at a senior level position would vary depending on the complexity and seniority of the position and since you would most probably have worked under such a role, the interviewer wants to assess your readiness and impact that you bring to the position. Prepare and research well to deliver an appreciate answer and effectively present your maturity and understanding of your new roles and responsibilities.


Have you been asked such a question? What did you answer? Pls chare in comments below.