Employers report that they will hire 19 percent more new college graduates this year than they did last year, according to a new survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Are you ready to apply for the entry level positions now but wondering where and what job boards online would be the best bet? Though there is no one answer to the question since in today’s brutally competitive job market you need much more than sending out your well drafted resume through internet postings; but here’s how it has worked for a few entry level job seekers in the recent months. Check it out and share your experience by adding your comments to this post.


In recent months, Craigslist job posting for local entry level job seekers has brought in quite a few interviews for some of my new college grads clients. Not one but quite a few have reported that they’ve applied for numerous jobs on the major job boards and Craigslist and for most not a single call came through the job boards postings as compared to receiving 3 interview calls in a week from Craigslist alone! Impressive indeed. But as always since these job postings come in from individuals it is not that easy to completely authenticate the postings. Scams and fake listings are prevalent but if you are smart and diligent you can find out about the company and even contact someone there before posting your resume. And note that many companies do not advertise on Craigslist – so best not to limit your applications to any particular job board.


To add to this impressive recommendation especially for entry level positions for new college grads is SimplyHired’s New Grads Jobs Search. What makes this search engine impressive is that it aggregates job listings from thousands of sites across the Web including job boards, newspaper and classified listings, associations, social networks, content sites and company career sites. One stop solution that sends you alerts right in your inbox for the most recent jobs.

And that’s another key to getting the interview – keep your resume current and apply as soon as you can to the announced open positions.