The game plan in today’s job search process begins with knowing how to have an edge over the other thousand applicants for that open position. And although there is a lot of knowledge and advice on the internet, there’s someone somewhere trying to make it easier for you to ace your job hunt. If you were given a minute to guess, I’m sure you’ll say “App” in a second – and you are right.

Here are some of the top new apps that the job seekers can use for planning on an effective job search.

iPQ Career Planner

Though this seems like defined for ‘career planning’ and not for job search, but indeed it may be the first step toward identifying what is ideal for you. Especially if you have been in job search for long and with no responses from the hundreds of resumes you have sent out this month, it is time for some introspection on what could be an ideal career to pursue hereafter. This app can be beneficial to the new college graduates and also those looking for a career change, but nevertheless can well be used by job seekers – read more to see how.

There is a 52-questions assessment that helps identify your key strengths that might help you get the job, it also suggests matching jobs /careers and though it does ask for 99 cents to send you the report – it is worthwhile since you can use this report to create a strong resume and cover letter – the essential elements to set your foot through the door.

Available from iTunes. Additionally, for $0.99 the iPQ Career Planner will generate a report which identifying the most suitable careers for that user. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Pocket Resume

Now that you know what career matches best to your personality type, it is time to get an impressive, unique and outstanding resume to catch the recruiter’s eye. And that’s what Pocket Resume has been able to do successfully for quite a few job seekers at a low price, oh yes this is not a free app but compared to how much you pay would pay a resume writer and what this one app can do for you in a few minutes turnover. I guess such apps will get more sophisticated and better in future and we’ll see well defined resumes all over – all you’ve got to do is to add your own creative touch to stand apart.

Since you must always tailor your resume for each job applied, this app makes it easier for the user to edit on the go and get fast results. Now updating and sending your resume can easily be done standing in the long job fair line. That’s what you call an edge over the others!

Available currently at $2.99, it is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


Interview Prep Questions

Interviews are your make-it or break-it deal to get that job. You better be prepared to answer questions with confidence and ease and nothing gets things right than preparation and practice. And that’s exactly where this app can be of help since it offers examples and suggested answers to the questions and you have the option to practice and personalize the answers. It is an easy to use app though much more will probably go in the coming months based on the feedback from the users.

Note: this app seems to appeal more to the technical job seekers since main categories are for the technical category for example networking and programming.

Available at $0.99 (at the time of writing this post) from iTunes. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Jobs

Now comes perhaps the most reviewed job seeker friendly app – Jobs apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Now what makes it most appealing (other than the fact it comes from a well known name on the job search front and with an impressive track record of being a job seekers best friend) is that it is FREE and available in over 20 languages, making it universally friendly. But that’s not all, this app offers valuable info on the newest job postings and helping you manage resumes, job applications and much more.

Available free from iTunes. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Now with this review perhaps we’re going to make Apple and Steve Jobs richer by millions more; since all the apps mentioned above are on the “i” tools! Well fair enough, time for a smart upgrade for a smarter job search.


If you have used the apps mentioned above please do comment on how you have benefited from these. Also pls share in comments any others that have helped you in the job search.