Should I hire a resume writer or just edit on my own? Is 1 page or 2 page resume good for me? What are the unique elements I must add to make my resume stand-out?

The answers to these questions are out there, but how many of us are really satisfied with our resume? Can we get done with the resume in near future – can there be some other “cool” ways to present my skills and experience and not worry about these questions above?

With quite a few tools around to help you prepare an outstanding resume, let’s have a look at 1 Page Proposal – an online tool which enables job seekers to showcase to employers their unique experiences, knowledge, and ideas in 1 page which may then be delivered personally, via email, or uploaded to one’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other network profiles.

Careerbright interview with Joanna Riley Weidenmiller, CEO of The One-Page Company.

Q. What makes 1 Page Proposal unique and a stand-out approach for the job seekers?

A 1-Page Proposal is a unique and winning approach because it is a single sheet of paper that individuals use to capture the employers attention, by expressing their abilities within the specific company they are looking to join. Doing this clearly paints the picture of the job seeker in the role they desire, making it easy for the employer to say yes. A 1-Page Job proposal proves to the employer that the job seeker has invested time in understanding their company goals and how they can personally contribute to its success. When the competition is only talking about themselves, it leaves the employer with a job of trying to figure out what the job seeker can do, whether they are capable of the job at hand and if they understand the challenges in role. With a job proposal all those questions are clearly answered for the employer.

  • It is extremely hard to differentiate one resume from the next as it is only based on past experiences.
  • Since resumes are clogging the system due to the Internets ability for 1 person to send hundreds of resumes, and with the emergence of resumes becoming online profiles (Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Xing…) job seekers have no way to market themselves to get through the noise.

The 1-Page Job Proposal does just that; it is a marketing tool job seekers can use to engage employers and land their next job.

Q. Can the job seekers use their one job proposal as a resume? What has been the response from employers and how they would welcome this approach as opposed to the traditional resume which feeds their ATS systems as well?

The job seeker can use their job proposal as a resume. This is has been a successful approach over and over, especially when the job seeker is going through a referral or trying to get a promotion.  In such cases normally the employers ask for the resume after the 1-Page job proposal for their reference and records. As most career coaches recommend and we enforce throughout the process, job seekers should try to not go through the job boards only, but make a connection with employers. We have had such great response from employers we are in development of the next stage of One-Page in response to the feedback and requests from employers.

Q. Can the users add media or graphics to their 1 Page Proposal? And how much is too much or any guidelines that you would like to share since it is just about one page where you must add most information?

Yes, a user can add media or graphics to their 1-Page Job Proposal. They would have to add it into a current section right now (users have added a table in the financial section for example). However we are developing and launching soon features to upload graphics and pictures as part of the one-page. In our system we have a automatic word count as well as a instant preview button, so if a user adds a graphic or table they will be able to see if they have gone over the recommended amount of text and beyond one-page. We offer recommendations for a word count to stay within for each section, so if a user would like to add more text or an image that makes them go over the recommended amount of words, then they should make sure that another section is shorter in length to compensate.

Q. How does the subscription work? It seems pretty reasonably priced right now, hopefully you can keep the same since most of the unemployed would be the ones using this approach initially.

The subscription is only $11.11 for 3 full months of use. That means it is less than $5 dollars a month right now and that also includes the FREE e-book (“The Resume is Dead introducing The One-Page Job Proposal” by international bestselling author Pat Riley). They can create unlimited proposals, they can duplicate and copy their proposal projects to make it easy for them to customize their proposal for multiple jobs and keep other sections the same.   Many people have told us to increase the cost as we help them with every step of the process not just writing 1-page job proposal, but with the average job seeker spending $60 per person for resume writing we are happy to be able to offer them our service at a price they can afford.

Q. What other new features can we expect on 1 Job Proposal as you would now be receiving feedback from the users and the employers?

We are enhancing our unique content to provide meaningful value between organizations and those seeking to join such organizations. We are adding a lot of features around social sharing, allowing for graphic uploads and customization as well as some others that we will be publicly launching soon. We are currently underway with a very large product that we are excited to offer for job seekers and employer to put 1-page job proposal at the core of the evaluation process.