Of course, the internet being one of the largest retarget for the free information on everything, count on it for your job search and career advice as well. Here are some others which you might or might be aware of:

Internet, Of Course
Of the various job boards, Monster and CareerBuilder offer great tips and articles from career experts as well as tested job hunt strategies and personality assessments. You can also assign job alerts on some job boards based on your qualifications; it helps since you do not have to keep on login on to the website to see when new job openings are announced which might interest you.
The US department of Labor publishes the Occupational Outlook Handbook yearly which has a comprehensive list of where to look for job openings as well as step by step process on how to plan your job search.

Magazines and Newspapers
Get the job and careers related journals or magazines, they might not be free but with subscriptions lucratively priced under $10 per year (look around for special offers) they very well fall under “almost free” information. And you can read these magazines and career books for free at your local library where you can apply for free.

Government Career Centers
In the US the state and counties have their One-Stop Career Centers or EDDs – Employment Development Department which offer seminars, resume preparation tips and counseling on regular basis to the unemployed. Often these centers have an extensive database of job available and can match these to your qualifications. Don’t feel shy to visit these centers; you might only gain more information by reaching out in different ways.

Career Experts and Career Seminars
Often the local community centers hold free career seminars and workshops from known career experts, look up the local newspapers and community center announcements for such events.

With a lot of information around it is very important to learn to manage your time while job searching. Consider your job search as a full-time job and demarcate time spent on the job search and recreation time clearly.

Where else have you found helpful job search advice for free?