It is a rather common sight to see people running behind job opportunities at every nook and corner of the globe. But is it really worth the run? Do you actually think that knocking at the doors of a few engineering firms will land you in the perfect job? Well pretty much a big No to that question is what we have to say. Of course you may get a job, but it certainly won’t be the one you would be interested to work in the long term. For that you need to change your job seeking strategies. Or should we say, you should start searching at the right place.

As far as an engineering job is concerned, only an engineering staffing firm can guide you with the most suited job profile.

Engineering staffing firms can help you find temporary or full time jobs at small to large organizations. Many companies use staffing firms to find new hires. Those re-entering the workforce, first job after college or experienced candidates – all have found good jobs through such staffing firms.


The Upsides

These are some reasons why such firms have been successful at helping find engineering jobs for many:

  • They have better industry contacts and hence have the potential to help you get a well suited job environment based on your skills.
  • They know how to deal with the procedures such as Visa approval, if you are not native to the country where you seek a job permit.
  • They will have expert personnel to train you so that you do not feel unqualified when you actually face the job environment.


The Downsides

On the downside, you should be wary of several fraudsters operating in this sector. Cases of Visa Fraudulence and permit violations are not uncommon these days. So it is essential to ensure that you pick the right staffing firm for addressing your job seeking prospects.

Other possible letdowns could be higher costs that candidates may have to incur because some staffing firms do mug up a sizeable portion of the income from candidates once they are supplied to firms requiring workforce.


Staffing Firms can Offer an Advantage to Employers by Referring Well-Suited Professionals Faster

Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

On the whole, it is better to rely on an efficient and well established staffing firm to get the best engineering jobs as they would make sure you get your due benefits as well as a job profile worth your qualifications. Besides arranging for alternative options in case the present job does not suit you well can also be made possible. Because such staffing firms have numerous industry specific contacts that can land you jobs in areas where you could never get hired otherwise.

The IT industry is one particular sector that has the potential to absorb a large number of skilled workforce because the demands in the industry for such people are huge.

When you think about staffing, make sure you are willing to comply with their rules and regulations. They have build solid relationships with their clients based on their service history. A dishonest employee can turn the tables on the entire staffing firm and hence your mistakes would make the firm pay heavy fines in terms of contract loses and other legal problems.

So while seeking for an engineering job, the best place to start off is a staffing firm as they probably have the best options open for you.


Here’s an interesting Infographic from stating that highly qualified staffing is on the rise in 2013: