CNA-1Now that you have done all the hard work to settle as a proficient and successful certified nursing assistant (CNA), it is time to exhibit your prizewinning credentials and expertise before the competitive job market. As a newbie, not only to the professional world, but also to the CNA medical sector in particular, you need to make a favorable first impression before the prospective employers. A powerful resume can saliently do the job for you in this matter!


Why CNA Resume?

A resume is considered to be a professional approach while applying for any job. It not only impacts the recruiter in an optimistic way, but also guarantees the job interview for you. By constructing a professional CNA resume, you effectively amplify the chances of winning the golden opportunities of your nursing career. That is why drafting a proficient resume is very important for every candidate associated with this field.


Adding Internships to Your CNA Resume

Internships are the modern concepts of engaging with a formal employment program as a novice for the purpose of gaining adept knowledge and peculiarly, the practical experience. They are regarded as the effective means of exploring an occupation and receiving a preview of what it would be in the near future.

Your CNA internships can be best highlighted and illustrated before the hiring managers only through a skillfully constructed resume. Find here some of the most telling methods of including internships in a CNA resume.


Not Much, Yet Efficacious

As a freshman, you may not have the required quantity of core work experience. However, if you have completed even small authentic internships during the entire span of your academic career then you can still expect for a considerable progress in your job search.

Whether you were hired on a proper salary system or not, your internships can still be listed under the ‘work experiences’ category. Likewise, you can also get your applicable on-the-job-training experiences recorded under this category. It is a good practice to give a small description for each of the internships. Besides, do not forget to provide the job title and name of the company along with your total work tenure.

Wisely Using Your Work Experiences

Even possessing almost all the expected qualifications, some candidates yet fail to win their desired job interviews. The simple reason behind this is the improper presentation of resume. If you have more two years of work experience and some internships, it is better or rather much wiser to demonstrate them under different sections. This will increase the readability of your resume and also put a great impression on the readers.


Considering the Guidelines

Shaping the resume according to the employer’s guidelines is much efficient and can bring fabulous results for the job seekers. Some employers prefer a specific format and length for the resume. You job is to become familiar with the employer’s expectations, application instructions, job description, and other required information. Once you consider all these points, your resume will surely be at the top of the pile!


Internships can make a good difference in your job search. Do not hesitate in mentioning them in your resume although they may be of short incumbency. Find the sample professional CNA internship resumes provided at and make a captivating start to your CNA career.



About the guest post author:

Martin Headen is a Certified Nursing Assistant through the American Red Cross and a CNA Insurance Consultant.


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