More time to sleep, no commute and more time just to muse around. Think positive now that you are out of the job rush. It’s time to breathe slowly and to enjoy the “forced” break in your life right now!

Think positive thoughts – a layoff is not an end, it is a beginning to something new, something more exciting, perhaps a new job or a career that you truly deserve and desire. Often it is in times of adversity that we truly see the road to happiness. Perhaps the direction you were headed was not meant to be the one that gets you to success. In short, be positive about your situation right now. Since we don’t have the time machine to change things in the past, the best way is the way forward.

Of the many advantages of being in a layoff, here are a few that I share with you, think about it!

  • You have been doing what you have been doing for quite some time, perhaps not even getting time to evaluate whether you truly want to be in this career or job. Take time now, maybe your true passion, the most desired job or career that you did not get time to think of awaits discovery.
  • When did you last take a break? When did you spend every moment with your spouse, kids or family? When was your last great vacation? If you see these answers somewhere far off, it is God gifted time to take a break – to revive the family bonds and rejuvenate.
  • Did you get a layoff package? If yes, then great. The extra cash gives you a few weeks or months of time away from the financial tensions. Even if you spend the money on your dream vacation, it is dough well spent. You’ll find a new job eventually; living in present and the free time bestowed on you is a gift!

If you have found something positive post layoff, would you like to share? Please comment.