While 49 percent of workers surveyed by Robert Half feel they are paid fairly, 46 percent feel shortchanged.

If you suspect your pay is not up to par, do your research on industry salary trends. Retargets like the Robert Half 2019 Salary Guides can help you determine whether your compensation is fair. Once you’ve done your homework, schedule a meeting with a manager to make your case for higher pay by presenting your research and value to the company. Choose a good time for this discussion (not when your boss is stressed or you know business isn’t doing well) and be realistic in your requests. If a salary increase is off the table, consider asking for other things like a flexible schedule or more vacation time.  Also inquire about revisiting the topic in a few months.

But remember, salary is just one aspect of the total compensation package. When evaluating a job, money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness. Other factors such as corporate culture, the ability to have work-life balance and meaningful assignments can help employees feel satisfied. It comes down to individual needs and what someone values most.


Robert Half Underpaid Infographic