Cinderella left behind a glass slipper that helped the prince trace her whereabouts; what are you leaving behind, after an interview?
Though Cinderella’s slipper slip was unintentional, but can you imagine how the story would have been without that slippery incident? Yes of course, no prince is chasing you here, but since the hiring managers are interviewing so many candidates every day and week, just leaving behind your mark or two can make you stand out above the crowd.

A few ways you could do so:
  • Get a personal business card which highlights your name and contact details. Also mention your skills briefly and precisely. You could also have your picture printed on your business cards to give that personal touch. Also mention the website address where you have your resume and portfolio online. You may also add the link to your member profile on the online networking sites. Your printed resume could be very well tossed in the recycle or trash once the interview is over but they may very well retain your personal business card, if you want to add a few of your key skills at the back of the business card.
  • If you felt good vibes with your interviewer you may also ask for his/her permission to send an online networking request after the interview to “keep in touch” or “I would be glad / honored to include you in my network.” Online networking website such as LinkedIn ( helps you to stay current with your connections contact information.
  • A friendly departure with sincere thanks is very much remembered by anyone. Don’t forget that very important departing handshake and a personal note of thanks through Email or phone to each interviewer.
  • Some Tips on Designing a Good Business Card

    • Name, phone number, email address, website are a must – present them artistically or in a simple way, they must be easy to read.
    • Add a logo. If you have a logo for your company or as a personal signature, it must be on the main side of the business card.
    • Be distinct. Does your business card depict your style or presents something special to make you memorable to the other person? Be creative.
    • Use both sides of the business card, but do not clutter or overload information.
    • Have you received an awesome or clever testimonial from a client? Use it on the back side of your card.

    Where to get your business cards? Just Google it and you can get various options that help you design your card online and offer great value. If you are ont eh creative and innovative side, search for the non-conventional designs and be different!