Are you a recruiter professional, or a business owner? If so then you would know how critical is to find and hire the best people.  It is a common practice to have your candidates take written or computer tests prior advancing to the face to face interview, but have you ever wondered having a professional test platform, that would help you hire faster and better?

If you secretly said yes to the above question, an online app which has been custom made for your business can help. Skillmeter, a new test platform which allows the recruiters to create tests and assign candidates to take tests online. Skillmeter is fairly new to the recruiting assistance platforms and claims to help reduce at least one hour of the time a recruiter spends per candidate during the job search process. Here’s how:


What Does Skillmeter Do ?

Skillmeter is a powerful test management platform that enables recruiters to build tests and measure candidates skills.

How it works:

– A recruiter can subscribe and define tests

– Candidates can be added and assigned to the tests – A unique pin code is generated for each candidate

– The recruiter communicates the pin code to the candidate (email/phone…) together with the link to the test center (either the default one  or through a *personalized* test center)

– The candidate takes the tests and once done, the recruiter is notified and can see the results




Benefits: Why Business Owners Should Use Skillmeter?

Business should consider using Skillmeter for reducing their hiring costs and timeline.  On average, recruiters that use Skillmeter decide on a candidate in half the time and often get compliments from their clients about them.

Skillmeter contributes towards making the skill assessment more efficient as candidates can take the tests from anywhere: from your office or comfort of their home.  Once a test has been finished, the recruiter is instantly notified and can see the results in a second – if the candidate passed or not the tests and the full details of his answers.

No matter what your industry is, Skillmeter is flexible enough to help you create the tests to cater to your varying hiring needs.


Have you used Skillmeter for recruiting? Share your comments below.



Visit for more details and sign up if you want to reduce your hiring costs and timeline.  Currently- 30-day free trial on all plans.  Nonprofits and educational organizations can use the app for free.