If you’re planning to create a website to finally promote your new business, it’s crucial to get it right the first time. Your online presence can make or break your business, so your website should be intuitive, fast, engaging, and informative.

Learn some killer tips to build a website for your new business by reading further below.

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1. Avoid Common Website Design Mistakes

First and foremost, you should have a great-looking website as much as you have great content. However, a successful website is not all about pretty fonts and excellent color choices. You may lose visitors when your site is bombarded with ads, not updated, or users cannot find the content they want. Web design mistakes decrease the earning potential of your site. Use a website builder comparison guide to help you decide the best web design for your new business website.

Here are the common mistakes in web design:

  • Crowded Website: Too many things going on in a website is not a good thing. Avoid tons of text, images, busy designs, and ads.
  • Minimalism: It is the latest trend today if done correctly, but make sure to provide enough information to your visitors to give a clear direction.
  • Too Confusing: A confused website features different color palettes, typefaces, images, and themes that don’t mix well with each other. Make sure to have a clear idea of the brand you want to build or your brand image. Convey ideas holistically rather than trying to use too many designs and templates. Choose one logo, one typeface, and one theme.
  • Irrelevant Images: While graphics and photos are an integral part of your web design, using low-quality or irrelevant images makes your site look cheap, which turns off visitors.
  • Hidden Navigation: Make your navigation menu easy to find for a positive user experience.

2. Use Craze-Effective CTA Buttons

Your call-to-action or CTA is the gateway of your visitors to your business, which is also a big contributing factor in the success of your business. It directs your online visitors to the next steps by getting them to do something. Talk to a good developer who is willing to spend time A/B testing your cart, or purchase buttons because even small adjustments can dramatically affect your lead generation and conversion rates.

The most common CTA buttons used include the ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ button, download button, and free trial sign-up button. CTA buttons should be anchor-oriented and striking, using the words ‘try,’ ‘reserve,’ and ‘get’ instead of boring words such as ‘enter’ or ‘submit.’

Here are some tips and tricks when using CTAs on your website:

  • Offer CTA buttons for other payment methods, like PayPal, because many consumers use it to keep credit card information safe and secure, as well as for easier and faster checkout.
  • Use large button text, just enough to be recognized, but not too intimidating or obnoxious.
  • Construct a sense of urgency in your CTA buttons to yield an impressive click-through rate, such as ‘Sign Up and Get 30% Off Today Only!’ or ‘Download App for Free and Get $10 off Your First Purchase!’.
  • Use contrasting colors to make striking CTA buttons. Orange and green CTA buttons perform best. Your main CTA should be the brightest and the largest.

3. Install Safety and Security Features

It’s crucial to equip your website with security features for the peace of mind of your potential customers. Your site should have HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure or ‘HTTPS’ and the Secure Sockets Layer or  SSL certificate, which indicates that your site is encrypted. It means that the sensitive data entered to your site won’t be transmitted as is, but is encrypted or in the form of codes to avoid cybersecurity risks like identity theft and fraud.

4. Good Quality Content

“Aside from the aesthetic appeal, you have to ensure that your site has informative, helpful, relevant, and engaging content to keep your customers and entice more visitors to buy your products and services.” says Josh Day of WayFx.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your site has high-quality content:

  • Upload different types of web content such as infographics, images, videos, and audio files.
  • Read recent events or latest news online related to your niche or business and create your news section or press releases to keep your audience updated.
  • Use simple or easy-to-understand terms so more people can relate to your content.

5. Incorporate Strong SEO to Your Website

Search engine optimization or SEO plays a vital role in your brand visibility because it affects your search engine results pages or SERP ranking. It’s useless to have great content if it’s not optimized because your target audience won’t see your website if you’re ranking the least in Google.

Here are some tips when using SEO:

  • Make sure that your SEO strategy promotes voice search compatibility because many consumers order online using Alexa, Siri, and other AI-based or voice command
  • Your SEO strategy should also apply to your social media accounts aside from your website.



A successful website has good aesthetics, is optimized for search engines, with clear and relevant CTA buttons, and good content. Talk to a web developer for excellent web design, use the best template, and seek a digital marketing specialist to promote your website. Increase your traffic and boost your sales using the killer tips mentioned above for a more successful business.