The new agency (Arpa-e) received initial funding of $400 million through the federal stimulus act. In all, 37 grants were handed out to small business, research groups and large corporations in the first round of funding for a total of $151 million.

  • Awards included $2.2 million to University of Minnesota researchers working on organisms that use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into sugars, and another organism to create gasoline and diesel from the sugars
  • $9 million to du Pont to produce an advanced biofuel from seaweed

And in the SF Bay Area:

  • Envia Systems, based in Hayward, received $4 million for its work to develop higher-density lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric cars, as well as electronic gadgets.
  • NanOasis in Richmond was awarded more than $2 million to develop a process that could dramatically reduce the cost and energy needed for desalination to supply fresh water for farmers and cities.
  • PAX Streamline in San Rafael received $3 million for low-cost wind turbine technology.
  • Porifera, of Hayward, given more than $1 million, is researching a membrane that can capture carbon dioxide.
  • Stanford University garnered nearly $5 million to create systems that enable people to easily monitor home and office energy use in order to conserve energy.
    (Source of the above information: San José Mercury News)

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