Economic recovery at present and in near future is a debatable topic and many are not certain on what that means for the lost jobs. Will the jobs come back when the recession abates?
I had stalled on this topic for sometime, the layoffs had abated in April and there was much expectation of a turnaround.. but then employers cut 467,000 jobs in June, far more than expected and the jobless rate in the US is at a high high of 9.5 percent.
It makes us worry more on this question, will the lost jobs come back? Should we wait with our current skills and experience to continue in the same field as before or is it time to look at different alternatives? Be it moving to the new clean tech energy sectors or starting a business or learning new skills which prepare us for a new work and work culture in near future; it is the time to explore different answers and not be afraid to ask such questions.

What would you do to prepare for something new or unknown in the future?