What happens when you do not access emails for a month or more, when you don’t find time to blog for more than 50 days, there is no twitter on what you are doing now and no voicemail to respond back too – nothing happens (trust me!) but it just means you had a super long electronically deficient vacation.

Yes alright, if you have noticed inactivity on the Careerbright blog, the person I am talking about is me. Without the electronic devices and internet the world indeed shrank. It shrunk to the closest in my life, kids and family members, just watching the kids giggle playing in the water and trying to “invent” something was fun; emails and the world news did not matter at all.
Though it is fun to be in an “offline” mode for sometime, getting back online is fun too. We all need change and perhaps that is what brings in the best in us.

Hello Blog and welcome the “other world” where we connect with people unknown but as humans share similar thoughts and vibes. Of course it is good to be back and looking forward to be back again for a complete time again sometime with family – where distractions and world news does not bother or affect the mind, just giggles and tickles to refresh all around….